basketball scoring and stat software for Windows and Palm OS

New! Version 2.2, Released 03/15/05
Keep track of team and player statistics in real-time as you score your game and in post-game analysis on as many as 1000 cumulative games.  Includes complete offense and defense statistics for individual players.   Our customers include coaches, players, fans, official scorekeepers, and parents of youth league, high school, college, and pro players. Try our FREE DEMO and after you decide you like it, buy online with our secure online store.
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   PDA Support.  Share game and team data with Basketball ScoreBook Companion.
   User friendly MS Windows (tm) environment
   Teams with unlimited sized rosters
   Team and player stats for as many as 1000 games at a time Optionally export stats to HTML
   Replaces paper scorecards and manual scorebooks which are not reusable and make collecting stats a nightmare
   Can be used on your laptop or PDA at the game or at home when reviewing game tapes.
   Fans can score their favorite games and maintain their team's stats.
   Current Player and Team Stats Window. While the game is in progress, this window shows each player's and team's quarter/half statistics.
   Export the statistics computed by Basketball ScoreBook to text files easily imported into your favorite spreadsheet or database.
   Shot Analysis for shots made and shots missed. Analyze each individual player or the whole team... up to 1,000 games at a time.
   Import teams from straight ASCII text files.
   Schedule your team or league games, practices, and meetings.   View : screen shot and HTML export
   Keep Player's Personal Info (phone #, address, e-mail, etc.) in ScoreBook's team files.   View : screen shot and HTML export
   Customize the colors and fonts used in all of the HTML exports.
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